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All About Fall!

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We are absolutely loving all these autumnal flavors here at Taste of Pace! Trumpet squash, butternut squash, kabocha squash... if it's a squash, we've got our hands on it.

Pictured above is our dinner with Lincoln Cars with Weiser Farms! Our spread of butternut squash fritters and beet leek risotto cakes is the epitome of cozy fall sweater-weather. 

When we catered this Kate Spade Dinner Party, we said, "move over pumpkin spiced latte!" Our pumpkin mousse topped with chai whipped cream and peptia cookie crumble is our go-to fall dessert.

And to celebrate all these delectable fall flavors, check out Chef Pace's pumpkin gnudi recipe! 

pumpkin gnudi, brown butter, fried sage

yields 60 pcs


6-8 oz.     ricotta

10 oz.       (approx) AP flour

6 oz.        (approx) pumpkin, cooked or canned

1/2 tsp.     nutmeg

pinch        cayenne

salt            to taste





20 leaves fresh sage

fry oil


Mix dry ingredients together for pasta.   Puree fresh cooked pumpkin with oil and water. Combine ricotta and pumpkin. Then add puree into flour.  Season with spices to taste.

For the butter.  Brown milk solids and season with salt to taste. 

Fry sage and set aside for garnish.

Cook pasta in boiling water. Remove when pasta floats to the top. Toss pasta in browned butter.  Plate and garnish with fried sage leaf. 

Industrial Chic Wedding

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Industrial is in! Rustic vintage with a modern twist, this wedding we recently catered is the epitome of urban elegance. With our roots here in Downtown Los Angeles, this new wedding trend is everything we ever dreamed of.

With its beautiful indoor setting and twinkling outdoor patio, The Holding Co. is the perfect backdrop for the industrial chic bride; and our menu is the perfect compliment to your special day. Here's a peek at what we served:


seasonal vegetable risotto cake, ricotta salata, lemon aioli

grilled cheese, cherry tomato confit, olive bread, basil

fried squash blossom, herb ricotta, fleur de sel, smoked pepper tomato marinara

grilled hanger steak, paprika aioli, parsley

pork rillettes, beet-pickled shallot, paper crostini


tomato, torn bread crouton, cucumber/cherry tomatoes, burrata, basil, red wine vinaigrette

chicken confit, sauce balsamico, lemon, parsley

overnight brined salmon, lemon creme friache sauce

marinated seasonal vegetables, burrata, mint, olive bread

seasonal vegetables, spring onion bagna cauda


sweet potato fries, ginger aioli

buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches, napa slaw, sriracha mayo, brioche buns

Check out our gallery for more pictures on this gorgeous event!

Other Collaborators: Weddings by Jennifer Laskey,  Sugar Studio LAThe Holding Co., Archive RentalsEmpty Vase

Photos by: Jenna Bechtholt

Rooftop Dinner at ROW DTLA

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Amazing things are always happening here in the Arts District of LA, and ROW DTLA is no exception. Originally a produce warehouse in the 1920's, ROW DTLA has now opened its space to become a creative and cultural space for artists and retailers alike. With over 30 acres dedicated to the arts, ROW DTLA is expecting to house 100 merchants and 15 restaurants. With its opening this past summer, the space has already garnered much attention as the host of the popular weekly market, Smorgasburg. We only expect ROW DTLA grow bigger and better! 

Our rooftop dinner against the setting Los Angeles sun was the perfect evening to celebrate the venue. Here's what was on the menu for the night:



BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, brioche)

grilled watermelon mint halloumi skewers, pomegranate molasses 

lamb kofta tzatziki, dill 

shredded duck, castelvetrano olive agro dolce, house-made tostada


summer corn, avocado, sungold cherry tomatoes, goat cheese,

arugula, basil, scallion vinaigrette


dukkah crusted bass, cilantro, beet and carrot puree, quinoa, 

avocado mousse, radish mango slaw, wild roasted mushrooms


coconut cake, peach ice cream, macerated stonefruit, pistachios, mint


Check out more pictures of this event in our gallery

Other collaborators: Casa de Perrin, Revelry, Small Girls PR West, Spare Room Hollywood

Photography by: Katie Gibbs

Tacos and Design with Steven Arroyo!

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On this week’s TOP Talk, we sit down with Steven Arroyo of Escuela Taqueria and discuss his artistic approach as a restaurateur. After working in the restaurant industry since his twenties, Steven wanted to bring his own creative vision to life. In this episode, we discuss his creative process in curating the perfect restaurant space, what kind of design inspires him, and the pure bliss of a simple taco (get that cheddar cheese out of here!).

In this episode with Steven we talk about:

  • Growing up with grandmother
  • His craziest moments in the restaurant industry
  • What kind of design and art inspires him
  • Postmates, Eat 24, and the benefits of on-demand delivery
  • Expanding Escuela to New York, and much more!

Listen here, and don't forget to rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Photos from The Delicious Life

Redefining Food Distribution with Robert Egger

Tori WestComment

Robert Egger is an activist and humanitarian who works to combat food waste and empower those who need a second chance. He is the president and founder of LA Kitchen, a nonprofit culinary training center targeted towards at-risk youth and former inmates. LA Kitchen uses donated food and produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Robert publicly speaks out on the subjects of hunger, food sustainability, and social reform through food. He is also the author of Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient and Rewarding For All, which received the 2005 McAdam Book Award for “Best Nonprofit Management Book” by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.

In our inspiring conversation with Robert, we go through:

  • How he went from owning a nightclub to volunteering
  • What inspires him– from music to food
  • Michelle Obama’s health campaign for children
  • Moving his business to Los Angeles
  • The power of food, and so much more!

Listen to this week’s TOP Talk for an eye-opening perspective on our food system!


A Festive 4th of July Spread for Style Me Pretty

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When Modern Dame asked us to whip up a fun summer spread for her 4th of July Style Me Pretty photo shoot, we said, "heck, yeah!" Summer brings some of my favorite flavors to the markets, and you know I’m always down for a party.

Photography by Steve Steinhardt

Photography by Steve Steinhardt

The shoot took place at Hudson Loft in DTLA and was inspired by Modern Dame’s memories of this festive summer holiday. “When planning this July 4th-inspired day for friends, I knew I wanted to pay homage to all the things that make Independence Day so great – simplicity of celebration, time with loved ones, and lots of tasty food and drinks.”

Modern Dame was inspired to “create a fresh, unexpected twist through the use of a bold but muted palette that recalled the stars and stripes, while also remaining chic and stylish.”


“My goal was to achieve a timeless look for a time-honored tradition, and I think I, along with my vendors, did just that with this grown-up July 4th themed luncheon.”

Anyone getting hungry? Let’s bring on the spread, starting with these little beauty made with grilled cheese, cherry tomato confit, olive bread, and basil.

And here’s our popular chilled tomato melon gazpacho soup shooter with herb pistou and shrimp. Bottoms up!


Take a look at this squash blossom tart with tomato, eggplant, and housemade ricotta. Hello, beautiful!


These BLAT sandwiches are always a hit. (That’s bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato on brioche, kids.)


How about some shrimp and grits? (Yes, please.) How much do you love these mini skillets?


You can’t have a summer spread without a salad, and this TOP classic fit the bill. It’s made with tomato, torn bread crouton, cucumber, burrata, basil, and red wine vinaigrette. So light and lovely!

You can see the full Style Me Pretty post here. Wishing you a happy and safe 4th  from all of us at TOP!

Dinner with Todd Reed

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Last month, Todd Reed hosted a community dinner for some musicians and music industry people.  Todd is really big on gathering creative folks together since he himself is such an artist.  (I mean, have you seen his jewelry line?)

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

He’s also a recipient of the Couture Design Awards’ Human Spirit Award, which is given to individuals who demonstrate an “exceptional generosity of mind and spirit.” So you can imagine that the event made for an all-around “feel good” kind of evening.

As for the food, it too was an all-around “feel good” kind of menu, which, in the spirit of community, was served family style. Family style catering is a great ice-breaker for groups of people who may have never met. It forces you to engage "viking-style" at the Thanksgiving table.

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Photo by Laura Grier

Photo by Laura Grier

Here’s a peek at the full menu:



bloomsdale spinach, pickled green strawberries/apples, feta, pine nuts, red onion, honey cider vinaigrette


salt crusted hanger steak, harissa

brined salmon filet, dill caper lemon creme fraiche


roasted heirloom cauliflower, pine nuts, fried capers, chili flakes

asparagus, burrata, lemon, mint, olive bread


metallic jewel sugar cookies

mini chocolate gold-dusted éclairs

salted caramel chocolate tarts


Are you hosting a corporate event this summer? We’d love to add a taste of Pace to the menu! Click here to see more of our catering options, and don’t be shy about getting in touch!





Bottoms Up!

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Hey, party people! Did you know that June 14th is National Bourbon Day? Until a few days ago, I sure didn’t. But since I’m very much a bourbon gal, I decided to share my top picks with y’all. You’ll find them all below. But you won’t find any cocktail recipes. Man up and drink any of these bourbons on the rocks like a real lady!



When I want a super smooth whiskey, straight up, this is the one I reach for every time. For me, Basil Hayden’s is the Cadillac of whiskey.



Don’t you just love to hole up at the bar, tell the bartenders what you’ve enjoyed in the past, and then let them introduce you to new flavors? That’s how I discovered Michter’s. I was at a tasting at Seven Grand, and the moment this stuff went down the hatch, I was hooked.



This premium blend of High West bourbons comes from Utah, y’all. Who knew Mormon country could produce such stellar whiskey? But they do. Trust me on this.




Though technically a rye whiskey, Crown Royal will always make the cut. Don't judge. Even though it is a Canadian whiskey, it's really popular in Texas and makes me nostalgic for home every time I take that first sip. 


5. Old Grand-Dad

For when you're young and on a budget. But soon enough, you’ll discover it's actually good as a low-brow choice, even when you’re rollin’ in the dough.  

Color Wyld

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Last month, I joined forces with my pals at Never Like it AnywayLate Afternoon, and Celadon & Celery forColor Wyld, a luxury retreat for creative professionals. There was a presentation by NLIA on the importance of branding, and Late Afternoon talked about monetizing blogs and utilizing social media. This was my kind of event, and you guys, these are totally my kind of people.

Bess of Celadon & Celery hosted the event at her lovely studio in L.A., where attendees were treated to a floral workshop, gorgeous hand-selected flowers, and Kate Somerville gift bags.


here was also a catered brunch (and yep, that’s where yours truly comes in).

The spread was seasonal (of course) and “wyldly” colorful. It included chilled spring pea avocado lime coconut mint soup, a seasonal shaved vegetable salad, chicken confit, seasonal fruit with whipped honey ricotta, and Scottish salmon with caper lemon crème fraiche. I’m sharing the salmon recipe with y’all at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Scottish salmon, caper lemon crème fraiche

yields 12 portions

Brine ingredients:

3 oz. salt
2 quarts water
1.5 tbsp. fennel seeds, toasted and crushed
1 tbsp, peppercorns whole, toasted and crushed


Add all ingredients in water and bring water just to where it’s hot enough to dissolve salt and then turn off and stir.  Cool completely and then submerge fish and brine for 24 hours.  Remove from brine and pat dry. Do not season fish again. 


72 oz. Scottish salmon filet, sides left whole
1.5 oz. capers, rinsed and roughly chopped
24 oz. crème fraiche
1/4 bunch dill, chopped
1/4 bunch chives, snipped
zest of 1 lemon, channel zested
parchment paper for baking
salt to taste


Bake salmon sides at 375 degrees to medium—a tad pink inside.  A good rule of thumb is to cook the fish for 10 minutes per inch of vertical thickness.

For the sauce, mix all ingredients together and season with salt to taste.  Serve as a garnish on the salmon or on the side.

The Perfect Spring Salad

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There have been plenty of indicators that spring’s in full bloom. We’ve had the proverbial April showers, Peeps have appeared (and just as quickly disappeared) from supermarket shelves, and all those wildflowers popping up? Yeah, pure loveliness. But the best indicator, for me, is the first sight of asparagus at the farmers market. This wonderfully distinct veggie is at its prime right now, which means that it’s the perfect time to serve this gorgeous salad at your next soiree. Seriously, guys, it’s springtime in a bowl. Get it while it’s good, and before spring disappears!

Asparagus Green Bean Walnut Feta Melange with Herb White Balsamic Vinaigrette

 Melange Ingredients:

asparagus, cut into 1” pieces, blanched and shocked and drained
green beans, cut into 1” pieces, blanched and shocked and drained
walnuts, toasted and roughly chopped
feta, crumbled

 Herb White Balsamic Vinaigrette Ingredients:

white balsamic vinegar
shallot, finely minced
herbs, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste


Soak shallots in white balsamic vinegar for 10 minutes.  Then add rest of ingredients.  No need to whisk.  Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

Toss green beans and asparagus with dressing.  Garnish with feta and walnuts.