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Reimagining the elevated farm to table experience, Taste of Pace catering is offering only the best and freshest of what is seasonally available. With ideals rooted in providing only top notch local and sustainable ingredients we treat our food with love and respect. Taste of Pace is proudly a zero waste company utilizing every part of the ingredient from leaf to root. From intimate dinners to events large and small, let us share what's cooking in our kitchen. Love people and cook them tasty food.


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We offer a wide range of catering services, from drop-off to full service catering, launch parties to weddings.  Browse our sample menus for mouth-watering ideas for your next event. 

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Drawing on her experiences in the L.A. food industry and world travel, Pace examines the world of food the only way she can: from every angle and every side. 

TOP helped make what DirecTV is calling their “best event ever” – and I really appreciate all of the hard work and excellent communication that went into the planning before the event, and of course the flawless execution on the day-of. Your team worked so seamlessly to provide an excellent experience for our Affiliate – and we are so appreciative!
— Food Network
Food Network

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