Pace Webb is a classically trained chef known for creating memorable moments through her elevated seasonal cuisine. 

Pace gained a reputation among industry tastemakers for her boundless creativity and ability to execute wild culinary requests from high-end celebrity events to casual home gatherings. No request was impossible - butter sculptures in the shape of ancient ruins to an edible rainforest, she created highly conceptualized events for Louis Vuitton, Netflix, National Geographic, Sony, Food Network, and BMW. She catered exotic weddings featured in Vogue, celebrity events for Dr. Dre, and artist Shepard Fairey. 

At the age of 17, Pace had colon cancer- a very rare challenge that inspired her to discover everything about food. She honed her passion for the culinary arts studying in Europe and training in classic western cuisine. Pace is a consultant for numerous products and brands, including Jell-O, Arrowhead, GE, and many more. She is on the Create Cultivate 100 List, and CBS tapped her to produce and host a food entrepreneurship podcast that aired over 100 episodes.

In 2018, Pace and her husband, Chris Georgalas, opened Daddy’s Chicken Shack, a fried chicken sandwich restaurant, to an immediate cult following, resulting in a top 10 global franchise brand partnership.  Today, Pace resides in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter Asa, and dog Willie Nelson.