Big Plates Recipes


Learn how to plan like a pro, so you arrive at the table cool as a cucumber with a gorgeous spread in front of you.


"Before watching Pace's course, I would be so stressed hosting a gathering. Constantly going in and out of the kitchen preparing food, I felt I never had time to enjoy my party. Her prepare-in-advance tips and tricks are easy but professional. My guests thought I had my party catered! Thank you, Pace!"
- MC

"Wow! Pace's salad and salmon dish recipe was such a hit at my gathering. I will definitely be doing them again and again."
- AP

"Pace's presentation tips are so helpful. Her brined Salmon not only tasted delicious, but it also looked so beautiful on the table. No more sad droopy lettuce at my gatherings."
- SK

This course is for you if…

You can’t cook for large groups without being stressed and disorganized.

You have hosted a disastrous holiday meal at your house.

You’ve never been able to host an incredible meal that guests rave about.

Imagine you could…

  • Create an unforgettable experience for your family and friends.
  • Host a dinner party and have it all go smooth.
  • Enjoy hosting people at your home.
  • Make your home the hub for holidays.

What You’ll Learn


Menu Planning

In this lesson, I’ll give you some great ideas for menu items that do really well when served at room temperature.


The Party Planning Process

The key here is planning! If you plan, you’ll have so much more fun when you entertain. It’s all about being prepared. I’ll go over my professional tried and true steps to plannin...


Meal Preview

In this course, we’ll be making a Charcuterie Board, Overnight Brined Salmon with Chimichurri, Olive Oil Potato Salad, Kale Parsnip Salad, Marinated Vegetables with Burrata and Toast, and a D...

Prepping and Cooking the Meal


Preparing the Salmon

Let’s prepare the salmon to be brined in salt water. We’ll trim it and skim it for any bones.


Brining the Salmon

Brining is so simple and makes such a huge difference in the way the fish tastes that it’s totally worth it! I’ll show you the steps here all the way from making the brine to actually b...


Baking the Salmon

After the fish has brined, we will bake it. This is truly the most simple step! Not much else to do except to dry the fish and put it on a sheet tray in the oven.


Preparing the Parsnips and Potatoes

These root vegetables are going to take the longest, so we’ll focus here next. The parsnips will be for the salad and the potatoes will be for the potato salad.


Salad Dressing and Blanching Vegetables

The salad dressing has only a few ingredients so we can knock that out here and then blanch and shock the vegetables for the burrata veggie dish.


Roasting Parsnips and Cutting Fennel

Even cooking is key to getting perfectly cooked vegetables - nothing is burnt or too crunchy. We’ll roast parsnips and then work on cutting fennel for the burrata veggie dish.


Potatoes and Marinated Vegetables

I’ll show you how to test potatoes so that they are perfectly cooked for a potato salad. Then, we’ll finish up the vegetables for the burrata veggie dish.


Preparing the Kale and Dressing

Kale gets a bad rap! I will show you how to soften it without having to massage it. Then, we’ll make a dressing that will make yes, even kale, taste good!


Potato Salad Dressing and Seasoning

We’ll whip up a quick dressing for the potato salad with all the good things like mustard and vinegar and of course olive oil. Then, we’ll dress the potatoes in the dressing and adjust ...


Preparing the Chimichurri

Chimichurri is the national condiment of Argentina! It’s a very flavorful and healthy sauce, so make extra because it will be great over steak or chicken throughout the week too! It’s a...


Bread and Final Prep Finish

Last step here is to slice the bread for tomorrow for the toast in the burrata veggie dish and put all of our prepped and cooked food away and clean up! The heavy lifting is officially done.

Plating Up


Assembling the Platters

It is time to pull out the serving platters and see which dishes will go on which platters, so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Pull out serving utensils as well! Then, I’ll walk you ...


Assembling the Marinated Vegetable Burrata Dish

This is the only “cooking” you are going to do today! Toast. That’s it! We’ll season and start to assemble the marinated vegetables on a platter. This dish is going to be go...


Finishing the Marinated Vegetable Burrata Dish

We’ll take the dish to completion here by arranging the toast and pulling the burrata ball and strategically placing it for maximum cheesiness.


Plating Salmon with Chimichurri

Plating the salmon in a whole filet can be tricky, but it’s all in your head! I will give you the confidence to do it. Then lastly, we’ll sauce the salmon with chimichurri and that will...

Building the Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie Board Overview

I will show you how to select all of the ingredients for your board, so there is enough variety.



I always prefer soft bread with cured meats (crackers with cheese are lovely but tend to be too hard for charcuterie, in my opinion). The shape and thickness of the bread are very important, so tun...


Plumping Figs and Assembling Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon

I’ll show you how to revive dried fruit, and we’ll make some very simple prosciutto-wrapped melon bites that you could even serve as a separate appetizer. Still, they add complexity to ...


Arranging the Meats

Since the charcuterie is the focus, let’s start there and arrange the meats first. Everything else will follow, and the different meats will help determine which sauces or accouterments we pl...


Garnishing Accoutrements

Now, we’ll focus on the second largest items like fruits and vegetables.


Finishing the Board

Everything is coming together here, and we are just adding garnishes and finishing touches.

Dessert Board Overview


Dessert Board Overview

A dessert board is such a fantastic way to make store-bought components of cookies, fruit, chocolate, and cream look (and taste) like a masterpiece! I’ll go over everything you need in this v...


Positioning the Ingredients on the Board

Let’s work from largest to smallest. If you are serving cream, that has to go in bowls, so we’ll start by placing those first and then move to cookies and chocolate (second largest).


Adding the Finishing Touches

Lastly, we’ll bring in the smaller things like fruit (or nuts or edible flowers) to fill in all the nooks and crannies. You are going to love how this looks!


Big Plates Recipes


Learn how to plan like a pro, so you arrive at the table cool as a cucumber with a gorgeous spread in front of you.


"I have spent my professional career throwing parties for people that are over the top and on schedule. I share my winning formula of planning with you so you can create memorable experiences for your loved ones that you too can enjoy!"

Pace Webb




2h 31m


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Big Plates Recipes


Learn how to plan like a pro, so you arrive at the table cool as a cucumber with a gorgeous spread in front of you.