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Zero-Waste for the New Year!

Lifestyle, RecipesPace WebbComment

I've been on an intense zero waste mission lately. Can I pickle this?! Can I purée this?! In our kitchen, we may not be in a place where we can break down whole animals, BUT we are in a position where we can use vegetables from leaf to root! This is what I mean by "zero-waste"– using every part of produce possible. 

Making Tacos During the Holidays: Simple, Easy and Delicious

Holiday, RecipesMegan BaylonComment

With all the holiday parties you're hosting and going to, it's safe to say that there will always be leftovers. During the last week of December I'm pretty sure every meal I have is made of leftovers!  What better way to use your leftovers than to wrap it in a warm corn tortilla? Tacos made with whatever's in the fridge is the best way to try out new flavor profiles and find your favorite food combinations!