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3 Helpful Tips on Zero Waste

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Chef Pace is excited to share her tips on zero waste!

Chef Pace is excited to share her tips on zero waste!

With Earth Day right around the corner, we've been on a huge zero-waste mission here at the Taste of Pace kitchen. We hope you can join us in making an effort to reduce food waste, so we wanted to share some helpful tips on just how you can do that by making a few simple changes in the kitchen. Let's get started:

1. Save the skins and ends of onions, scallions, garlic and any non-starch vegetables such as carrots, celery, fennel, asparagus, etc... and use them to make a delicious vegetable stock

Vegtable Stock

Roast with olive oil all the vegetable pieces first in the oven, until they are nice and brown

Put them in a stock pot with water, just an inch above the contents and simmer for 1 hour

Strain, use, or freeze

Photo by Erik Neldner & Joel Maus

Photo by Erik Neldner & Joel Maus

2. Buy berries in bulk (it's cheaper too) and when you realize you have way too many to finish before they start turning mushy, don't just throw them out but use the soft ones to make a delicious berry compote that goes perfect on top of waffles, ice cream, or even as spread for scones

Berry Compote


1 quart berries

1 bay leaf

Zest of one lemon or orange

1 cup water + more if needed

2 sprigs thyme

Cinnamon sticks or cloves (optional)


Add all berries to a small sauce pan with rest of ingredients

Cook on low for about 30 minutes or until all fruit has cooked down and is soft and spreadable

Add more water if necessary

Remove cinnamon sticks, cloves, and thyme

Cool and refrigerate for up to one week

Our berry compote pairs perfectly on top of a parfait!

Our berry compote pairs perfectly on top of a parfait!

3. Buy a whole chicken opposed to buying pieces of chicken

While this might involve a little more effort, you'll see that you can save the necks and backs for stock. Also eating chicken with the bone on produces much more flavor. 

Have a fabulous Earth Day and remember the next time you're about to throw something out, hold back and think about how you can incorporate it into a delicious meal.