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Full Service Catering: Basil Hayden Event

Past Events, LifestyleElizabeth BangComment

Basil Haydens has always been my very favorite bourbon, FORREALS! I would always look for the gold band at any bar and if identified, said bar was deemed legitimate. So when Basil Hayden contacted us to create a menu to pair with their bourbon, I was over the moon.

I instantly consulted my very favorite resource: The Flavor Bible. Did you know pineapple is listed as a food item that pairs well with whiskey? Yeah, I didn't either. We pickled pineapple to serve with hamachi crudo.

Smokey chilis are also a complimentary flavor and made their debut in a barbecue chicken with pickled cabbage slaw. The velvety mouth feel, earthy flavor and silky texture of coconut milk, not surprisingly, pairs fantastically. We made a rich and umami filled Korean style short rib with a creamy coconut carrot puree.

Always one to go with the flow, I grilled New York steaks, fresh peaches, tomatoes and zucchini, and ciabatta bread at the client's request. The whole theme of the event was hospitality, which at the heart is really just understanding your customer and tailoring to their desires.

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Photography by Colson Griffith Photography and Elizabeth Bang