Cheese Board

Cheese Board

When you're entertaining, a room temp spread like a cheese board is perfect because it's literally all done ahead. You can even build it ahead and put it covered in the refrigerator and pull it out about 30 min before guests arrive.

For cheeses, I like to do 3 different types, ideally from different animals and a variety of firmnesses. For example, a hard cow's milk cheese (cheddar, Emmental, Grana Padano), a soft sheep or goat milk cheese (goat cheese, chevre), and a medium-firm goat or cow cheese (midnight moon, gouda, bleu cheese). 

I also like to get a variety of bread, so even if I'm buying a baguette, sometimes I like to toast some and make crostini and then others I will leave fresh and soft. Then I will add jams, dips, fruits, and nuts to compliment the cheeses that I’m using. All the ingredients are just suggestions, so feel free to change them up to suit your tastes!


  • Large serving platter or board
  • Basket or platter for bread
  • Small bowls or ramekins
  • Small tongs, forks, spoons for board


  • 1 lb each of three different kinds of cheese
  • 2 lbs fruit + veggies - try for less used varieties for a more interesting look + conversation starter!
  • 1 baguette
  • 4 lavash flatbreads
  • Small amount edible flowers, herbs, pickles, olives
  • 8 oz each of jam, hummus, tapenade, etc.



  • Arrange the cheeses on the board. 
  • Put the jam into a small bowl. I like to spoon the hummus and tapenade straight onto the board, but this can also be added to a bowl if you prefer. 
  • Arrange the pickles, olives, dried fruit, fresh fruit. 
  • Layer in the bread wherever it makes sense. If there’s not enough room on the board, put the bread into a little bread basket or a bowl lined with a linen napkin.