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Gufram x MOSCHINO Collaboration

Elizabeth BangComment
Gufram and Jeremy Scott

Mass Beverly is a trend setter in the Los Angeles design scene. When they announced the Gufram x MOSCHINO collaboration, I knew this would be a fabulous creative experience. 

MASS co-founder, Mary Ta and I, had a blast designing the menu. I am obsessed with using natural pigments in food (i.e. beets, carrots, spinach) and the furniture is all about color pop. I found lip shaped chocolate molds and we made our beet gnudi recipe and shaped them into the molds. Not wanting to detract from the shape and color of the lips, I chose to do a bright orange cherry tomato basil confit for a small dab of sauce to place on the wonton spoon below the lips.

We experimented with two ways to make the spinach pasta for the cactus. We found that blending raw spinach to make the green puree for the pasta dough kept a more vibrant color than blanching the spinach. Wanting to add context to the spinach pasta, a sunset was only natural. I made two sauces to color block the plate. One was a browned butter beet balsamic sauce and the other a simple tomato cream. 

But wait, that's not it! I wanted to make sure that when you cut into the pasta, there was yet another color pop so we made a vibrant yellow mascarpone basil lemon filling and every desert scape is not complete without tumbleweeds. So in the spirt of zero waste, we fried the carrot tops to make the tumbleweeds.

My dad is a painter, so he helped conceptualize some of the design elements. The menu was already carb heavy, so I opted for a third gluten free option and we punched out tilted broken column stumps with a fluted cookie cutter then hollowed out the center and filled it with an herb ricotta and rolled prosciutto for the volutes (that is the technical term for the scroll top part of a column).

Gufram Landscape

Inspired by the pictured landscape, our imaginative pastry chef made mocha truffles in the shape of skulls and red velvet cake in the shape of slanted donuts. Red and green cacti came in a dulce de leche flavor. We put all of the elements together with the help of some good old fashioned rock candy.



beet gnudi lips

cactus pasta

doric columns of cucumber, prosciutto, herb ricotta

dessert scape of Gufram-inspired furniture

Gufram Staff

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Photography by Christina Edwards