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Mise En Place: An Organized Kitchen and Way of Life

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and we are busier than ever! How do we keep our kitchen under control during times like these? The answer is simple: mise en place. 

"Mise en place" quite literally means "put in place" in French. The phrase is a common saying in the culinary world, and means gathering all the ingredients and utensils needed for cooking. Staying organized and efficient is so important in the kitchen, especially when everybody is working together so closely and there are lots of meals to be made. When everything is in place, work gets done smoothly, efficiently, and perfectly. 

But to me, mise en place also means so much more than that. It's a way I live my life even outside of the kitchen. Taking the time to organize what needs to be done gives me more time to live how I want to live. And in no way does it mean that you have to be perfect-  the time it takes to organize what you need to do will save you from any frustrations later on. It also helps me adapt when things don't go as planned! When everything is in place, life is lived out more fluidly- and isn't that all we can ask for these days? Mise en place truly is a phrase to live by in and out of the kitchen (and my tattoo is a daily reminder of that!). 

So if this holiday season is starting to stress you out, think mise en place. You'll thank us later.

Chef Pace's Mise En Place tattoo