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Podcast Roundup!

TOP Talk PodcastMegan BaylonComment

Our TOP Talk podcast has been very busy lately- from jerky to cookbooks to pasta, it's never a dull moment in the studio! Here's a roundup of our most recent episodes.

On this episode of TOP Talk, we chat with Chef Bruce Kalman! Listen in as he talks about his journey as a 14 year old making pizzas in Jersey, to opening up Union, and everything in between. This episode is all about how much love goes into food- from root to leaf- and the soulful, handcrafted art that is Italian cuisine. Listen here!

"That's what food is about. It's about community." On this episode of TOP Talk, we chat with Ziggy Marley about his newly released cookbook, Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook! Listen in as he talks about spreading love and compassion through music and food, what inspired him to create a cookbook, his favorite meal of the day, and more! This inspiring conversation will give you a whole new outlook on food and family. Take a listen here!

We talked with Jordan and Fogey of Three Jerks Jerky for this HILARIOUS episode of TOP Talk!  We learn how the two started off as college roommates, and how making filet mignon jerky in their apartments exploded into a successful jerky empire. Listen in to hear their entrepreneurial rollercoaster, their experience of exploding  on Shark Tank, and the happy mistakes in discovering new jerky flavors. Check it out here!

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Happy listening, fellow foodies!