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Prepping the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal with Pace

Holiday, LifestyleMegan BaylonComment

Thanksgiving is almost here! Dinner with your family and friends is always so memorable, but we know the days leading up to it can be stressful and full of questions. How long should you cook the turkey? How big should my turkey be? How do you get everything out for dinner at the same time? Well, Chef Pace is here to walk you through all the steps to plan and execute the perfect Thanksgiving meal for your friends and family!

This video takes you through a winning prep schedule to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner is unforgettable. Pace takes you day by day leading to Thanksgiving to teach you everything from turkey basics, to her brine recipe, to making the creamiest mashed potatoes ever! 

We here at Taste of Pace wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Love people and cook them tasty food!