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Keeping Your New Year's Resolution Going: Tips on How to Eat and Live Clean

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Like many of you out there, our resolution has been all about zero-waste and eating clean! Eating clean, however, doesn't necessarily mean cutting out all the food you enjoy eating. Its all about resourcing your food and produce from thoughtful sources! Read more to find out tips and tricks on eating clean.

Clean eating is not a "diet"! Eating clean simply means eating whole food– from produce, meats, grains, etc.– from humane and thoughtful sources. For example, our steak and harissa is totally clean! The steak comes from non-hormone grass fed cows, and the harissa has walnuts (a source of good fat), spinach, and a variety of spices, lemon juice, and olive oil. Everything is made from scratch with high quality ingredients– there's nothing processed whatsoever. 

Photo from Geri Hirsch

Photo from Geri Hirsch

Mindful and clean eating is the perfect way to start off the year. And with a little throwback to our TOP Talk episode with Geri Hirsch, here are some easy and healthy prep hacks to get you motivated!

  • Do your heavy lifting one day out of the week! Dedicate a day out of the week (Sunday is perfect!) to prepare your meals. This is the day that you prepare and portion out your proteins and veggies, and everything in between. Too hungry on Thursday night to prep your meal? No problem! Your veggies have already been cut Sunday night, so that's one less step for you to deal with.
  • Breakfast at night! Mornings go by so fast– and sometimes there isn't a lot of time to prepare a hearty breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and not worth skipping! By preparing your meal the night before, you save lots of time, and gain more energy from your breakfast. 
  • Smoothie it up! Smoothies are the perfect breakfast on-the-go, and super easy to prepare! The night before, portion out your smoothie ingredients into a plastic bag. (You can even get a head start and do one for every day of the week!) The next morning, all you need to do is add liquid to the frozen ingredients, and blend. 
  • Fat can be good! No, seriously. Eating good fats give you a tremendous amount of energy! Coconut butter is a fantastic fat to use in your meals.
  • The key to a healthy lunch: get up and go out! If you brought your lunch to work, don't forget to step outside and grab some fresh air. You'll seriously thank us for this one.
  • Salad in jar! In a mason jar, add layer by layer the ingredients you like. If you wanted a Tex-Mex salad for example, spoon in a layer of corn, beans, cheese, etc. Layer in your veggies and proteins towards the top. You can top it off with dressing, or put dressing in a separate container. And voila! An easy to carry and non-bulky lunch.