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Silver Wedding Package

75 Guest Minimum

Reimagining the elevated farm to table experience, Taste of Pace catering is offering only the best and freshest of what is seasonally available. With ideals rooted in providing only top-notch local and sustainable ingredients, we treat our food with love and respect, just like your marriage! All ingredients subject to seasonal availability. 

Our Silver Wedding Package features a buffet dinner service


3 tray passed hors d’oeuvres
1 salad
2 proteins
2 sides
non-alcoholic beverages
staff & food service charge


bar staff and alcohol
sales tax

Tray Passed Hors D'Oeuvres

select three

burrata, green garlic, pistou, chive blossom, ciabatta

grilled cheese, cherry tomato confit, olive bread, basil

beet - pickled deviled eggs, chives polenta

triangle, green harissa, feta, basil

herb goat cheese, crushed spiced almond, caramelized leek, endive spear

fried squash blossom, herb ricotta, fleur de sel, smoked pepper tomato marinara

grilled watermelon mint mozzarella skewers, balsamico

chilled tomato melon gazpacho soup shooter, herb pistou

BLAT: bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, brioche

hamachi tartare, purple potato, sesame seeds, micro cilantro

grilled skirt steak, paprika aioli, parsley

prosciutto, basil, melon

pork rilletes, pickled shallot, paper crostini

Buffet Dinner

select one

mixed heirloom lettuces, toasted almonds, ricotta salata, red onions, white wine vinaigrette

tomato, torn bread crouton, cucumber, burrata, basil, red wine vinaigrette

creamy caper anchovey lemon vinaigrette, mixed bitter greens, radishes, crouton, shaved parmesan

bloomsdale spinach, pickled green strawberries, feta, pinenuts, red onion, honey cider vinaigrette

corn, avocado, cherry tomato, goat cheese, arugula, basil, ramp vinaigrette

peach, fig, arugula, radicchio, arugula, blue cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette


select two

chicken confit, sauce balsamico, lemon

lavender and summer herb roasted airline chicken breast

buttermilk fried chicken and gravy

tri- tip, tomato corn relish g

rilled skirt steak, salsa verde

salt crusted hanger steak, harissa

thyme crusted pork shoulder or beef short rib, veal jus, parsley fresh radishes
cipollini onions

brined salmon filet, dill caper lemon creme fraiche


select two

tye dye carrots

market tomatoes, burrata, lemon, mint, olive bread

corn on the cob, lime togarashi butter

roasted fingerling potatoes, romesco

baked ricotta, bloomsdale spinach, caramelized red onion

black eyed peas, tomato, bacon

mixed potato cheddar cheese puree

corn, cherry tomato, blue lake, torn basil

grilled vegetables, paprika aioli (wild mushrooms, zucchini & mint, peppers, red spring onion)

mac n’ cheese (fontina truffle mac n’ cheese)