Los Angeles Fine Catering  |  Taste of Pace

— Sample Menu —

Our drop-off catering services range from simple self serving buffets to
elaborate presentations designed specifically for your event.

— Menu 1 —

Self service stations are great for large spaces. 
Guests can graze throughout the event. 


—  Spreads & Flatbread  —
honey almond goat cheese, hummus, olive tapenade

—  Seasonal Fruit Platter  —
 honey whipped ricotta, toasted almonds

—  Crudités —
farm fresh vegetables, house-made dips

—  Vegetarian Puff Pastry —
seasonal vegetables, caramelized onions, parmesan



—  Heirloom Lettuces  —
ricotta salata, red onion, white wine vinaigrette

—  Baby Kale  —
cavolo nero, spiced pepitas, lemon sumac



— Bruschetta Sandwich   —
seasonal vegetable, burrata, salsa verde, olive bread

—  Buttermilk fried chicken  —
napa slaw, sriracha mayo, brioche

—  Pesto Chicken —
arugula, mayo, ciabatta

—  Miso Sapporo Braised Short Rib—
ginger, micro shiso

—Grilled Skirt Steak —
tomato relish, arugula, basil mayo, ciabatta

—Pork Pate —
 jalapeno, pickled shallot, cucumber, cilantro, baguette

 — Menu  2 —

Buffet lines are perfect for events where guests will have room to sit and dine
without the involvement of a wait staff.



— Roasted Mary's Organic Chicken —
brined, seasonal pesto (hot)

— Short Rib —
red wine braised, parsley 

— Overnight Brined Salmon —
lemon caper creme fraiche sauce


— Seasonal Vegetables —
 preserved lemon yogurt tahini drizzle, mint

— Seasonal Vegetables —
burrata, lemon, mint, olive bread

— Yukon Potatoes —
mashed with buttermilk


— Assortment of mini desserts —