Main Event Recipes


There is an art to getting everything on the table at the same time (and hot). I’m going to show you how to make entertaining at home stress-free with some failsafe pro tips!


"I am an organized person, but I am intimidated by cooking and especially for cooking for my family for the holidays. I was ready to get over my fear and try something new, so I took what I learned here and applied it. It wasn’t hard at all - it just took a little bit of planning at the beginning, and everything went smooth, and I actually put hot food on the table and didn’t feel exhausted afterward!"
- RC

"My kids keep asking for ‘Pace’s short ribs and mashed potatoes.’ Those recipes are such a hit at a party and our family dinners."
- AP

"It’s such a pleasure to watch and learn from Pace. I consider her my Fairy Kitchen Godmother. Hosting and entertaining have become a breeze with her recipes and tips."
- PB

This course is for you if…

You have hosted a disastrous holiday meal at your house.

You can’t cook for large groups without being stressed and disorganized.

You feel intimidated to cook for more than two people.

Imagine you could…

  • Get everything on the table at the same time (and hot).
  • Create an incredible meal for your family and friends.
  • Host a dinner party and have it all go smooth.

What You’ll Learn


The Basics of Large Group Cooking

This strategy will help the execution of the meal run smoothly. I’ll show you how to select ideal combinations that are achievable to cook together and still have hot at the table.


Avoiding Awkward Wine Conversations

What is the right thing to do when it comes to wine? How do you tell your guests politely not to cheap out if they offer to bring a bottle? I’ll go over a few tips that will benefit both you ...


Planning the Menu

Let’s select a menu that will wow and is also efficient and then work backward with a prep schedule.


Prep Schedule

Here is where my expertise is going to help you entertain stress-free! We will make a three-day schedule of all the marks you need to hit, including the party’s day, to ensure everything goes...

Cooking the Hot Meal


Introduction and Prep

In this video, I’ll give you an overview of all the prep we need to knock out today. I always start with what will take the longest to prepare. In this menu, it’s the searing of the sho...


Searing Short Ribs and Seasoning Brussels Sprouts

We’ll finish up searing the short ribs here, and then we’ll season the Brussels sprouts with a little bonus!


Preparing the Lettuce

Of course, you can always buy pre-washed baby lettuce, but let’s celebrate some nice lettuce for our special occasion! I’ll show you how to wash, dry, and present it like a pro.


Reducing Wine and Mashed Potatoes Prep

Before putting all the beef into the braising liquid, I’ll show you how to add the wine and properly reduce it before it goes into the liquid with the beef and stock. Making mashed potatoes i...


Buttermilk Herb Dressing

This dressing has so few ingredients, and it all gets blended up, but it will pack a serious flavor punch. It’s a huge crowd-pleaser.


Salad Garnishes

I encourage you to use what is in excess in your refrigerator when it comes to salad garnishes. In this case, I have extra carrots that we’ll shave into ribbons and some radicchio to shred.


Removing Short Ribs from the Oven

Greatness cannot be rushed! I will show you how to make sure your little shorties are done cooking.


Roasting Brussels Reheating Mashed Potatoes

We need to roast the Brussels sprouts at a much higher temperature than we need to warm the short ribs, so we’ll start with the Brussels sprouts first! Then, we’ll warm up the mashed po...


Finishing Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Potatoes

When the Brussels sprouts are done, remove them from the oven and turn the heat down. Once the mashed potatoes are done warming on the stovetop, we’ll let them rest and then transfer them to ...


Plating the Short Ribs and Salad

Time to take the short ribs and salad to the table! I will show you how to make a perfectly seasoned and well-composed salad.


Plating the Brussels Sprouts

These don’t keep their heat as well as the short ribs which is why you want to wait until the last minute to remove these from a warming oven.


All the Hot Food is on the Table

I’ll show you that it can all come together if you follow all of my planning steps! You will be so proud of yourself!

Building a Cheese Board


Cheese Board Introduction and Overview

I will show you how to pick out a great variety of cheeses, and we’ll break the mold with what you thought a cheese board should be!


Making Crackers and Blanching Vegetables

In this lesson, we’ll take some just-ok store-bought lavash and turn it into delicious statement-making crackers. I will also explain why blanched vegetables are better than raw vegetables, a...


Cutting the Cheeses

A variety of cheese is important, but the variety in the presentation is also important. We’ll go over some suggestions for different ways to slice the cheese, so it is easy to eat and appeal...


Preparing the Fruit and Vegetables

We’ll select some fruit that is ideal for sitting out at room temperature that holds its color and texture well. Next, we’ll layer the fruit and the blanched veggies into the board to m...


Garnishes and Bread

Now is the time to bring together the smaller garnishes (edible flowers, capers, etc.) and arrange the bread in the little empty pockets. I save the bread for last since it’s so much easier t...


Sauces and Dips

If you can’t fit the bowls of sauces and dips directly onto your board, I like to create a small sideboard that contains all of the dips on it, so it’s easier if they spill and people c...


Final Touches

Let’s make sure we have everything 100% ready to serve- make sure you didn’t forget anything, and you have all the little serving pieces you need. You will be so impressed with your ski...

Building a Sundae Bar


Prepping the Toppings

In this video, we will put everything considered a topping into the proper vessels, whether they need to go back into refrigeration or be alright to stay out overnight at room temperature.


Scooping the Ice Cream

Presentation is key here! I’ll show you how to make a gorgeous bowl of ice cream (yes, a day ahead), so you don’t just put out a carton for your guests!


Making a Sundae

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Let’s make a sample sundae together!


Main Event Recipes


There is an art to getting everything on the table at the same time (and hot). I’m going to show you how to make entertaining at home stress-free with some failsafe pro tips!


"I have spent my professional career throwing parties for people that are over the top and on schedule. I share my winning formula of planning with you so you can create memorable experiences for your loved ones that you too can enjoy!"

Pace Webb




2h 22m


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Main Event Recipes


There is an art to getting everything on the table at the same time (and hot). I’m going to show you how to make entertaining at home stress-free with some failsafe pro tips!