Meat, Poultry and Fish


Proteins like fish, poultry, beef can be intimidating! I’ll walk you through some simple ways to cook basic proteins, and we’ll practice together with five complete meal recipes incorporating these proteins.


"Pace is such a fantastic teacher! She is taking everything she has learned in her professional life and made it easy for the working mom. I’m actually having more fun in the kitchen at home now instead of it being a drag."
- RB

"This course is amazing! I love how easy and delicious the recipes are."
- AP

"Pace goes over the four proteins - fish, chicken, pork, beef. Her recipes and instructions are so easy and really elevated my family’s weeknight meals. I tried braising beef for the first time, and it was so easy and delicious. Thank you, Pace!"
- SK

This course is for you if…

You are intimidated by cooking raw meat, poultry, and fish.

You can’t eat a balanced diet with proteins at home without under or over-cooking them.

You can’t cook meat, poultry, and fish the way you want it to taste.

Imagine you could…

  • Eat a balanced diet of meat, poultry, and fish at home.
  • Cook meat, poultry, or fish confidently every time.
  • Make great tasting meat, poultry, and fish for easy weeknight meals!

What You’ll Learn


The Basics of Meat Course Introduction

This course will go over four basic proteins (fish, chicken, pork, beef) and some simple and fast ways to prepare them on your average weeknight.



The Basics of Chicken

We’ve all had it a million times, but let’s focus on making it simple and quick and, most importantly, delicious!


Seasoning and Braising Chicken

I tend to use the Instant Pot for everything I cook that is braised during the weeknight, but in this video, I cook the chicken so simply in a dutch oven the old school way.


Pulling the Chicken Out of the Oven

I’ll show you how to tell your chicken is done. Once you learn how to braise, it will be your best friend!


Braised Chicken Nachos Preparation

Nachos are one of my very favorite things in the world, and I’m excited to share this somewhat healthy homemade version for you to enjoy. We’ll go through all of the prep steps in this ...


Braising the Chicken for the Nachos

For this recipe, we’ll use the Instapot, but fine if you only have or prefer to use the dutch oven - it just takes a little longer.


Assembling the Nachos

It’s all in the layering for nachos! I’ll show you how to make sure each chip has a perfect ratio.


Garnishing the Nachos

Let’s put the final touches on the nachos now that they are cooked. The garnishes are what takes it over the edge delicious!



The Basics of Beef

We’ll review some beef basics here and how to cook various cuts.


Searing Beef for Braising

I’ll make braised beef since it’s one I use for quick weeknight meals. In this video, we’ll start by searing the beef.


Braising the Beef

In this step, we will learn about deglazing and braising beef.


Finishing the Braised Beef

I’ll show you how to tell when it’s perfectly cooked. You will love the concept of braised beef because it’s so fast in an Instapot, and it’s much more affordable and less w...


Beef Stew and Toasted Bread Prep Steps

We will make a very classic beef stew and show you all the ingredients you will need to prep it out before you are ready to start cooking.


Cooking the Beef Stew

Let’s walk through all the steps to get the beef stew cooking and the Instant Pot lid closed as quickly as possible!


Putting Together the Meal: Beef Stew with Greens and Toasted Bread

Now that the stew is done cooking add the greens and toast the bread. You will love this meal on a cold evening!



The Basics of Fish

Here we will go over the basics of fish and how to select the best choices.


Kinds of Fish and Different Ways to Cook Them

There are many types of fish and ways to cook them, and it can be a little overwhelming, so in this video, I break it down for you.


Cooking Fish in the Oven

Here is a simple way to cook fish in the oven. It’s basically “baking” the fish.


Finishing Baked Fish

I’ll show you guidelines for cooking times and indicators on how to tell when the fish is ready.


Pan Searing Fish

Pan-searing fish can be tricky, but I’ll walk you through the necessary tools for success.


Prep Steps for Pan Seared Fish with Citrus and Arugula

We’ll go over all of the ingredients and prep steps for this recipe before we start cooking.


Pan Searing the Fish and Putting It All Together

In this video, we’ll put this uber fast meal together that requires very minimal cooking right before you plan to eat the meal.


Prep Steps for Salmon, Potatoes, and Asparagus

This video will review all of the ingredients needed and all the prep steps before we start cooking.


Cooking the Salmon, Potatoes, and Asparagus

Now that all of the ingredients are prepped out, we’ll start cooking the meal.


How to Cut an Orange into Wheels

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to supreme an orange and cut it into beautiful wheels.


Plating the Salmon, Potatoes, and Asparagus

Now that everything is cooked and ready, let’s appealingly plate it! I always say we eat with our eyes first.



The Basics of Pork

Pork is a wonderful and affordable meat. I love to braise it for tacos, and I love to cook the tenderloin for a quick weeknight meal.


Searing a Pork Tenderloin

I’ll show you how to sear the outside of pork tenderloin to get it just right before you finish it in the oven.


Prep Steps for Pork Tenderloin, Sautéed Greens, Cauliflower Puree

Here are all of the prep steps you’ll need to make the dish. If you don’t need them, feel free to skip ahead to the next video, where we just dive right into cooking.


Searing the Pork Tenderloin

We’ll start by searing the pork tenderloin on the stove and then finishing it in the oven.


Sautéing the Greens

We can sauté the greens at this point because they can very easily be reheated on the stovetop right before we eat.


Pureeing the Cauliflower

Now that the cauliflower is soft, we’ll puree it and add the yummy stuff.


Plating the Meal

I’ll show you how to put together the meal on one large family-style platter.


Meat, Poultry and Fish


Proteins like fish, poultry, beef can be intimidating! I’ll walk you through some simple ways to cook basic proteins, and we’ll practice together with five complete meal recipes incorporating these proteins.


"Proteins are the number one ingredient people struggle to cook well at home. In this course, I take my professional cooking skills and adapt it to everyday modern life. I teach you how to properly cook basic proteins that taste great in a way that is doable on busy weeknights."

Pace Webb




2h 34m


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Meat, Poultry and Fish


Proteins like fish, poultry, beef can be intimidating! I’ll walk you through some simple ways to cook basic proteins, and we’ll practice together with five complete meal recipes incorporating these proteins.